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Enhance Your Clarity, Enrich Your Wisdom on Eight Limbs of Yoga & Yogic Science through our Blog Articles by BodhiSattva & Yoga Essence Team


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Why Yoga Blog Articles of a Yogi is So Valuable?

In any subject of practical learning, fundamental clarity on the concepts and how to do are very much needed to do the practices rightly and to get the desired benefits out of it. This Rule is very well applicable to the Yogic Science. We can call this yogic science as the Science of Inner Wellbeing, the science of integrating of Body-Mind Heart, the Science of Holistic Living, the Science of Inner Journey, the Science of Self-Realization and Experiencing True-Self. Before dive deeper into experiential aspects of Eight Limbs of Yoga and the understand the whole spectrum of yogic science the fundamentals concepts and the guidance from a Yogi and experienced practitioner make our yogic journey easier and successful.

BodhiSattva Anand, the lead yoga meditation master of Yoga Essence Ashram Rishikesh shares his insights and guidance to all the yoga practitioner to get some help out of the following blog articles. Hope the insights and information shared through these blog articles are going to help to all the yoga lovers and seekers on the path of yoga, meditation, mindfulness at different stages of their yogic journey.

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