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Meditative Therapy for Mental Health, Inner Wellbeing & Awakening
Meditative Therapy for Inner Child & Awakening
Meditative Therapy for Inner Child, Emotional Wellbeing & Awakening


Meditative Therapy is a Meditative process that combines both eastern meditation dimension and western therapy dimension simultaneously for deeper transformation and healing. This is a unique healing therapy as well as a process of awakening to higher meditative state. Meditative Therapies are Dynamic Transformational Tools which enable us to understand and heal our anxieties, fears, neurosis in one hand. In other hand, it allows us to grow into meditation, mindfulness and higher consciousness.

Meditative Therapies are regarded as necessary groundwork or clearing the garden that the flowers of meditation and Mindfulness can grow easily. These processes are developed to release our stress, tensions, anxieties, agony, anguish and so on for experiencing the physical, psychological, emotional wellness, wellbeing and oneness. Meditative therapies are very useful meditative tools for our deeper psycho-emotional cleansing, healing and balancing to experience profound Transformation and Awakening. Meditative Therapies are smart ways to free up the suppressed repressed energies, renewing vatality and creative force to find the higher psychological and emotional health.

Details of the above Meditative Therapy Courses are coming Soon…

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