Mental Health, Transformation of Thoughts, Peace of Mind, Emotional Wellness n Healing, Inner Wellbeing, Awakening to Higher Self (18days)


Intensive Healing n Wellbeing of Inner Child, Emotional Healing n Wellness, Self-transformation, Inner Wellbeing & Awakening to Higher Self (18days)


Intensive Emotional Transformation Healing n Wellbeing, Deeper Healing n Wellbeing of Inner Child, Mental Health, Advanced Meditation & Mindfulness Practices, Awakening to Higher Consciousness (25days)

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Meditative Therapies are the transformative meditative process that combines both “Eastern Approach of Meditation and Western Approach of Therapy” together for the healing, wellbeing, transformation of the body-mind-emotions and awakening higher consciousness. Scientifically designed for the modern man, these mindfulness meditative therapies are regarded as dynamic transformational tools to speed up our experience of peace, relaxation, healing, wellbeing and silence of mind by bypassing our continual verbalising analytical mind and high traffics of thoughts. These meditative therapies smoothly guide the participants into a unique meditative mindful state through cleansing of the mind, thoughts, emotional blockages, suppressed energies of the past, deep-rooted conditionings to establish a direct connection with our pure energy source and natural state of being. These therapies act like blessings to contemporary human beings to find new ways to dissolve our daily stress, tensions, anxiety, fear, depression and finding new ways to transform them while growing easily into meditation, mindfulness and higher consciousness dimensions.

Meditative therapies are smooth cathartic techniques that encourage expressive meditative activities with breath, body movements, sounds to release our deep-rooted stress, tensions, anxieties, agony, anguish and so on. These meditative therapies are very useful tools for our deeper psycho-emotional cleansing, healing and balancing to experience profound transformation and awakening. Meditative Therapies are regarded as smart ways to free up the suppressed repressed energies and emotional traumas from our body mind heart to experience renewing vitality and creative force. In this present-day environment and life conditions, these therapies are necessary groundwork for a healthy holistic living and to grow easily into the natural state of meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, joy, peace, harmony etc.


For Mental Health, Transformation of Thoughts, Peace of Mind, Emotional Wellness n Healing,
Inner Wellbeing, Awakening to Higher Self (18days)

An Intensive Transformative Course Covering No-Mind Meditative Therapy, Guided Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Mindful Holistic Yoga, Mindfulness Practices, Active Meditations, Insights of the Masters for Holistic Living & Awakening to Higher Self

Meditative therapy Course 1 with Bodhi Sattva and Team brings profound transformation to your energy, thoughts and emotions for mental health, emotional balance, inner wellbeing and awakening by silencing our constant chattering restless mind. This energetical therapy course allows us to clean the rubbish of the mind and energy to connect directly with our own pure energy source and with our authentic-self by bypassing the analytical verbalising mind.

The beginning 11 days of course focuses on exploring mental health, emotional wellness, inner wellbeing and awakening through many powerful meditation practices, mindfulness practices, yoga nidra, mindful holistic yoga, insights of masters for overall wellbeing and holistic living and awakening. More details of beginning 11days at Meditation Course for mental health, emotional wellness, inner wellbeing, joyful living & Awakening

The last 7 days of this course covers intensive Osho No-Mind Meditative Therapy that guides the participants to dive deeper exploration of mental health, emotional wellness, transformation and awakening to higher Self. This powerful meditative therapy significantly drops our inner conflicts, and emotional disturbances by throwing out all that is stored in our systems in the form of suppressed emotions, desires, traumas, anxieties etc. by leaving the mind and heart; empty, unburdened, peaceful and silent with full awareness. These last 7days of intensive meditative therapy course includes advanced guided meditations, gibberish meditation, silence meditation retreat, awakening with active meditations and insights of the masters of India.

Eligibility- Open to All


06:00 amHerbal Detox Tea
06:15 amMindful Holistic Yoga Practice
07:15 amAwakening with Active Meditation Session 1
09:00 amSattvic Breakfast
10:30 amMeditative Therapy Sessions 1
12:30 pmMeditative Therapy Sessions 2
01:00 pmAyurvedic Sattvic Lunch
02:00 pmRest
03:30 pmGuided Meditation & Mindfulness Session
04:15 pmAwakening with Active Meditation Session 2
05:30 pmHerbal Drinks
06:15 pmSatsang Meditation, Kirtan & Celebration
07:45 pmAyurvedic Sattvic Dinner
09:30 pmLight Off & Rest

Please Note: – The daily schedule is subject to change

Course Dates:

  • 24th Nov – 12th Dec, 2024
  • 24th Nov – 12th Dec, 2025

Course Contribution:

  • Double Sharing Room: Euro 1099 (Euro 1300)
  • Single Private Room: Euro 1299 (Euro 1500)

Details of the above Meditative Therapy Courses are coming Soon…

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