A Simple &Joyful Meditation Practice to Expand the Energy of Heart Center

Kirtan is a tradition that originates in Indian religions, notably Vaishnavism and Sikhism. The chanting is carried out alongside instruments, such as harmonium, table,cymbals, or drums.Kirtan meditation is an ancient yogic practice of the path of Devotion popularly known as Bhakti Yoga for the expansion of love and compassion. It is holistic meditation practice to activate and channelize the energy of the body-mind-heart to open and activate the Heart center through devotional singing, clapping and dancing in full of joy. This meditation practice normally uses Mantras & Spiritual names in a melodious and joyful way with music instruments to activate the energy source and centers, directing the energy to the heart center for the transforming into love and compassion. You have to dance in an ecstatic mood. All your life energy is to be flowing, laughing, singing and celebrating life. This practice leads you to a state of peace and joy that heals and harmonizes at the deepest level. It is the simplest and most effective practice towards self-transformation by transforming negative feelings to positive and spiritual.

Technique:  Kirtan Meditation has four stages as follows:

1st Stage: Dance, Sing & Clap with any Kirtan Music (20-30min)

With closed eyes dance, sing and clap your hands with great totality and ecstatic way. Dance and sing again in total abandonment. Lose yourself. Be totally involved into the practice by singing moving around in high energetic body movement.

2nd Stage: Stop! Stand Still & Observe (05min)

Stop, stand still without any movement, complete calm and quiet, be silent. Just Watch, Observe your body, body sensations, breath, breath movements, thoughts and feelings. Allow the whole energy of the body-mind flow towards your heart center.

3rd Stage: Stillness Practice (15min)

Do a short practice of stillness meditation for 3 rounds to deepen the silence of the mind and meditative state.

4th Stage: Let-go (10min)

Keeping your eyes closed, lie down in Shavasana. Stay relaxed, restful, still, silent. Be with your inner silence.