Swami Anand BodhiSattva

Swami Anand BodhiSattva

Founder & Lead Teacher: Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra & Kundalini Kriyas

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The Journey…

Swami Anand Bodhi Sattva is a yogi and an experienced meditation, mindfulness, and yoga nidra teacher, who is well-known for imparting the true experiential aspects of yogic science. As a seeker and sannyasin since 1995, he is dedicated to the cause of Inner wellbeing, awakening, consciousness science, and holistic living through meditation, mindfulness, yoga nidra, classical hatha yoga, and alternative healing sciences. His teachings mainly focus on the contemporary dimensions of yogic science with a life-affirmative approach and inspire the seekers to undertake the deeper transformation of their body, mind, and emotions through integration, self-inquiry, self-realization, and expansion of consciousness. His teaching is an invitation to sincere yoga practitioners for awakening to embrace the higher human values like love, peace, joy, compassion, wisdom, and oneness of life.

Over the years, Bodhi Sattva went through extensive sadhana, learning, and training in yogic science and higher yogic practices such as meditation, mindfulness, raja yoga, and kundalini kriyas under the guidance of many masters from India and other parts of the world. His teachings are deeply influenced by the teachings of ancient masters like Patanjali, Buddha, Krishna, Kabir, and contemporary masters like Osho, Krishnamurti, and Gurdjieff. Now Bodhi Sattva offers many yoga meditation courses, training programs, and workshops on Inner wellbeing, Awakening, Emotional Wellness & Holistic Living. He provides deeper clarity in mastering the true essence of meditation, mindfulness, yoga nidra, and classical hatha yoga.

Anand Bodhisattva
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Early Age & The Search…

From an early age, he was asking questions regarding the true meaning and purpose of life and was not satisfied with the quality of life lived in general. His genuine quest for the deeper meaning and purpose of life led him to look for different dimensions outside of conventional learning to discover the truth. His quest for spiritual awakening became stronger while pursuing his professional career in accountancy. He has travelled and lived in various ashrams across India acquiring practical learning, experience, and understanding of the science of meditation, yoga, and consciousness journey. During this journey, he learned and imparted the wisdom of classical hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, Vedanta philosophy, etc. amongst others. His passion for healing and wellness also led him to study & practice Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Reiki, and other alternative healing disciplines, through many courses to understand the essence of healthy living.

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Teachings & Philosophy…

After his long search in the consciousness journey, he moved to Rishikesh. He founded YOGA ESSENCE, a yoga meditation ashram in Rishikesh to share his learning with seekers from all over the world. Yoga Essence runs under the guidance and vision of Bodhi Sattva to help seekers for their self-transformation, consciousness growth, and mindful living. He imparts the yogic science in its purest forms that allow his students to dive deeper into an experiential, transformational consciousness journey by breaking many deep-rooted conditionings, obsessive thought patterns, negative emotions, and false images of life.

Bodhi Sattva integrates the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the modern scientific approach to make his teachings more suitable for present-day conditions. He helps and encourages his students to get the knack for a holistic, equanimous, peaceful life through the yogic techniques and insights of the masters. His teachings invoke a deeper self-transformation and self-actualization by opening up to the experiences of higher freedom, love, compassion, courage, and creativity. Out his long practices and experiences Bodhi Sattva has also developed few meditations, mindfulness and kundalini kriya techniques that are suitable to guide present-day humanity.

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According to Bodhi Sattva, Spirituality is an intimate personal search for finding one’s true Self and awakening to higher consciousness, integration, love, and compassion in life. For him spirituality is a true alchemy for self-transformation and self-realization to explore the expansive dimension of human life. The practice of awareness, mindful living, clear observation, love, and compassion open oneself to the path of spiritual upliftment and allow one to live one’s life without any limitations and boundaries. He believes the path of the consciousness journey allows a sincere seeker to experience true spirituality in its depth and dimensions which invoke a sense of oneness and belongingness to the universe as one organic entity.

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Bodhi Sattva sees yogic science and alternative natural healing sciences as disciplines that offer huge practical wisdom, techniques, and tools to experience total wellness with harmonious living and to dive deeper into one’s consciousness journey. His vision is to spread yogic science, alternative natural healing sciences, and ecological balance for the betterment of human beings and his co-existence with other living beings. He is keen to bring more scientific research into the field of yoga to establish deeper clarity of the effectiveness of yoga for holistic health and growth in higher human values. Through hid courses, training programs, and workshops, he invites sincere seekers, and yoga meditation lovers to manifest their life energy, and life potentials into the highest possibilities of flowering.

“Path of Yoga is the Path of Wisdom.

Seek Experience, not Information.

Seek Wisdom, not Knowledge.

You will hold the True Essence of Yoga.”

~ Bodhi Sattva

“I wish the melody of meditation and yoga will enrich your life for an integrated, joyful, and peaceful living.” ∼ Bodhi Sattva.

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