Advanced Meditation Teacher Training
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500 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh India

Advanced Meditation Teacher Training India Module 1 & 2

Advanced Meditation & Mindfulness | Advanced Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra | Science of Meditation & Mindfulness

Yoga Essence Ashram Rishikesh welcomes meditation lovers, yoga lovers, and seekers to dive deeper into the art of meditation, mindfulness, yoga nidra, guided meditation in the advanced form under the guidance and grace of Bodhi Sattva, the lead meditation master of Yoga Essence. Through our 500 hours meditation teacher training and advanced meditation teacher training courses, the participants will receive an in-depth understanding of the science and mechanism of meditation, mindfulness, psycho-spiritual energy, and consciousness. The teachings of Bodhi Sattva hold a unique combination of many ancient and contemporary forms of meditation, mindfulness covering many renowned meditation traditions and paths by leading the students into an
advanced state of meditation.

Our advanced meditation training course opens the door for practitioners to explore many subtle dimensions of their psycho-spiritual energy, mind, and consciousness. These training courses deliver high experiential and transformational benefits of meditation on the body, mind, heart, and energy to the aspirants of yoga and meditation for the growth of their consciousness. One can get the opportunity to experience how the presence of the lead meditation master, group energy of the participants and the yogic energy field of India allow a meditator into deeper advanced meditative states. The participants of our 300 hours meditation teacher training or 500 hours meditation teacher training can pursue further their meditation, mindfulness, and consciousness journey through our next level of advanced meditation teacher training module 1 and module 2.

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Advanced Meditation Teacher Training
with Bodhi Sattva

Take your transformation, mindfulness journey, consciousness growth, and teaching skill of meditation to the next level through Advanced meditation teacher training courses with Bodhi Sattva at Yoga Essence Ashram, Rishikesh. Bodhi Sattva’s teachings cover the wide variety of meditation techniques and mindfulness practices from many ancient & contemporary traditions, paths, schools, that allow you to learn and experience the deeper, subtle dimensions of meditation, mindfulness practices.

His teachings and presence simply an invitation to explore your authentic self, the manifestation of your unique potentials, and tap into your true nature. He is a great inspiration for one’s inner journey and spiritual quest.

His teachings mainly focus on the transformation of life by embracing the affirmative approaches to various issue of our body, mind, heart through awareness and mindfulness practices.

Swami Anand Bodhisattva

Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Module 1 & 2

LOCATION:Yoga Essence Ashram, Tapovan, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.
COURSE DATES:Module 1 Course Dates:
04th Sep 2023 - 01st Oct 2023
04th Sep 2024 - 01st Oct 2024
Module 2 Course Dates:
04th Jan 2023 - 03rd Feb 2023
04th Jan 2024 - 03rd Feb 2024
COURSE FEE:Twin Sharing Room: Euro 1800 (Euro 2300)
Private Single Room: Euro 2300 (Euro 2800)
FOOD:3 Sattvic Ayurvedic Diet & Herbal Drinks ( Gluten Free, Vegan Food Available )
THREE CERTIFICATIONS:500 hours Advanced Meditation Training Module 1& 2 . 100 hours Adv. Yoga Nidra TTC level ll, 100 hours Adv. Yoga Nidra TTC level lll
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* The course fee includes teaching, accommodation, food and course material.

Key Features

500 hours Meditation Teacher Training in India

Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Module 1 & 2

  • Step by step guide to the foundations of meditation
  • Understanding the science and mechanism of meditation practices
  • Understanding the process and progression of yogic journey or inner journey
  • Understanding the deeper aspects of Chakras, Kundalini & their role for higher consciousness
  • Understanding the concept, role and importance of subtle bodies in Yogic science for inner journey
  • Learning and experiencing the Art of Living, living a life of joy, peace, love, compassion, harmony, equanimity
  • Learning and experiencing the Art of Dying i.e. the art of let-go, the art of bodylessness, the art of celebrating death
  • Attaining more clarity and understanding on important topics & issues of life with help of yoga psychology & philosophy
  • Deepening the transformational aspects of body- mind- heart through multiple yogic tools and techniques
  • Understanding the science and mechanism of advanced yoga nidra practices, guided meditation practices
  • Step by step guide to advanced yoga nidra practices through yoga nidra training level II & III
  • Advanced meditation practices from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra of Shiva
  • 3 days who is in? -Awareness Intensive Meditation Program
  • Experiencing the pure state of consciousness and feelings


500 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Course

Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Courses Module 1 & Module 2

Our 500 hours meditation teacher training and advanced meditation teacher training courses module 1 & module 2 focus on the in-depth study of meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, yoga nidra, guided meditation, the science and mechanism of meditation, psycho-spiritual energy phenomenon, yoga psychology, yoga philosophy and more. They also cover many advanced meditation techniques from different traditions, schools, paths along with many new meditation practices developed by meditation master Bodhi Sattva for the contemporary age and lifestyle. These techniques and practices are taught according to the need of the modern man and situations.

These advanced meditation training programs provide a great opportunity for the seekers and mediation lovers to work deeply on their healing, transformation, and self-realization while learning and experiencing the mediation practices under the direct guidance of Bodhi Sattva Ji. Throughout the program, He takes special individual care of each student for deepening spiritual journey and consciousness growth.

500 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Course

Total Hours of Training = 600 Hours

500 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Plus 100 Hours Yoga Nidra Training Level 1

Duration = 51 Days

Our 500 hours meditation training course is the continued program of our 300 hours meditation training program from the previous month to the next month to learn meditation and yoga nidra in detail and in advanced form. Hence the 500 hours meditation course includes two trainings and two certificates, as 500 hours Meditation Teacher Training and 100 hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1

Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Module 1 & Module 2

Total Hours of Training = 700 Hours

500 Hours Advanced Meditation Teacher Training +

100 Hours Advanced Yoga Nidra Training Level 2 +

100 Hours Advanced Yoga Nidra Training Level 3

Total Duration = 56 Days

Module 1

Duration- 28 days.

250 Hours of Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Module 1

100 Hours of Advanced Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level ll

Total Training Hours of Module 1 = 350 HOurs

Module 2

Duration- 28 days.

250 Hours of Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Module 2

100 Hours of Advanced Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level lll

Total Training Hours of Module 2 = 350 Hours

Major Topics of Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Courses

Grounding and Centering Meditations:

The Art of Finding Inner Stillness and Silence

In this current time of speed, hurry, tensions, and high mental activities, modern man feels completely exhausted and uprooted. It becomes very difficult for him to know the inner stillness and silence. He has lost the inner contacts because he does not know how to go deep in himself and revitalized. He has even lost the ability to have a normal sleep. That used to be the natural method to go in and make himself feel fresh, recharged, and rejuvenated. Without a center, one can go on doing many things in a routine way of life, but one can never feel fulfilled, contented, or become creative. Without a center, one remains fragmented, divided, and disintegrated. Likewise, without roots, one will always feel wavering, uncertainty, and one will never feel the connectivity with the life source.

Only by Grounding and Centering, one can live a real-life, an authentic life. With the deep connection with one’s source and center, one can live with full of energy, and one can able to live at the peak. Our 300 hours advanced meditation teacher training India will cover a series of many meditation and mindfulness practices on Grounding and Centering to find out the roots and center of life. These centering and grounding meditations also well accommodate the lifestyle and limitations of the contemporary man regarding the practice.

Advanced Meditation Training

Advanced Meditation Practices on Chakras, Kundalini and Subtle Bodies

In many yogic traditions and paths, the science of energy, the practices to awaken the energies, and their importance have been mentioned systemically and scientifically to experience the subtlest aspects of human life. In this context, our advanced 300 hours meditation teacher training module 1&2 will cover deeper aspects and understating regarding the energy, the energy body, and the energy Anatomy in detail according to ancient yogic science. This topic of energy will be explained with the help of theoretical dimensions and meditation practices.

According to yogis and masters from ancient to contemporary, subtle bodies are the series of psycho-spiritual constituents of human life that exist at the subtle plane of the consciousness. These subtle bodies at the grossest level are culminating in the form of the physical body. The physical body becomes a suitable vehicle to experience those subtle bodies. Through various yoga and meditation practices, our energy and consciousness move into those subtle bodies and make us realize the existence of subtle and mystical layers of human life.

Advanced Meditation Practices from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:

The Bible of Meditation Techniques

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra of Shiva is the ancient most yogic text of meditation techniques and methods to discover the mystery Within. It is one of the highest and finest knowledge available for the growth of human consciousness. It contains 112 meditation techniques to explore the multiple dimensions of consciousness. For a meditator, it is the most comprehensive and complete practical guide to meditation. These 112 meditation techniques are specifically meant to experience the transcendental state of consciousness.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra mainly concerned with how to attain the ultimate truth of life instead of thinking, speculating on the philosophical enquiries or problems. These meditation techniques contain the whole science of transforming the mind and achieving the Super-consciousness state. It is impossible for a practitioner not to find a meditation that suits to his level of spiritual growth from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. This practical manual of meditation is the outcome of answers to the various questions asked by Devi Parvati to lord Shiva for the quest of ultimate truth. It is considered as the meditation guide for the people of all ages and times.

Through our advanced 300 hours meditation teacher training module1 &2, the students will learn and practice numerous meditation techniques and practices from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
Who is In Image scaled

“Who Is In? -Awareness Intensive Meditation Retreat”

Our 300 hours Advanced meditation training module 2 includes a special 03 days Who is in? -Awareness Intensive meditation retreat. This meditation retreat happens in a special structure and special way than our normal daily schedule of the training. “WHO IS IN? -AWARENESS INTENSIVE” is a structured intensive awareness meditation program to bring intensity into our search of Who Is In? and who really we are with our total energy. This awareness intensive meditation retreat is based on traditional Zen meditation techniques from Japan Buddhism and modern mindfulness communication techniques.

This intense seeking through awareness allows you to seek “A Direct Experience “Who you truly are. It eventually leads you to re-connect with your true nature and realize your True-Self. This search brings profound sense of relaxation, joy, awareness, trust, love, let-go, openness for oneself and others by dropping the rigid beliefs, preconceived ideas, ideals, rigid patterns, false personality etc. It includes silence, isolation, special yogic diets, many active meditation practices to deepen the transformation and experience of the participants.

Art of Living: Living the Life Rightly

How many people can sincerely say that they are really living?
How many people can honestly say that what is to live rightly?
So first we have to understand what does life means and how our living can become an art?

Our Advanced 300 hours meditation teacher training courses module 1&2 will cover few essential topics of art of living based on insights of many yogis and masters. The students will understand the core principles of art of living through the following fundamental questions:

  • How to integrate & harmonize our life forces?
  • How to find our own tuning of life?
  • How to live life in its full depth & dimensions?
  • How to live a life full of joy, peace, love, compassion?
  • How to nourish our unique qualities? And
  • How to manifest our unique potentials? etc.

Both the training module will include the insights of contemporary masters on the topics of Art of Living to get a deeper understanding of the transformation.

Yogaessence rishikesh Art of Living
Arts of Letting Go

The Art of Letting-Go

Let-go is one of the fundamental spiritual qualities of a meditator that manifests in moving into a higher conscious state and a deep understanding of life. It simply means living the life in utter totality, wholly absorbed into the present moments without clinging to the past or worried about the future. The knack of let-go allows us to live the life with a deep trust in ourselves, with a greater surrendering attitude to the whole universe without having any resistance or fighting with the flow of life. The art of let-go helps us to live a life of at ease, at peace, living here and now without any conflict, struggle, or fight.

Through advanced meditation teacher training India, the students will receive the insights of the contemporary masters on topic art of let-go and experience the art of let-go rightly with the help of many meditation practices.

Art of Dying: Understanding and Transcending the Fear of Death

Knowing Liberates! Experiencing and inner knowing dispels the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the light of wisdom that brings a deep sense of joy, freedom, and self-realization. This self-knowing is considered as real power that leads us to realize the supreme truth by understanding the mystery of life and death. Fear of death is one of the fundamental traits that never allow us to dive deeper into meditation and Samadhi. It is impossible to have intense living and to have an authentic life when we are gripped by fear of death. As long as life has been structured on the foundation of fear of death, our life will always remain superficial and false. It has made us run after the accumulation of wealth and ambitions for higher positions.

Fear, in any form, contracted our life and life energy. It deprives us to know what life is? To understand what bliss is? The art of dying is a conscious way of dealing with the fear of death by exploring the whole spectrums and dimensions of death through specific yogic insights and practices. Both the modules of our 500 hours meditation teacher training course (Advanced) will cover this subject of the art of dying with the following topics:

How to overcome the fear of death consciously?
How to help a dying person to leave the body peacefully and consciously?
How to prepare ourselves for a peaceful and conscious death?

Art of Dying
Silence Meditation Retreat

Silence Meditation Retreat

Yogis say silence is the very heartbeat of the Existence. According to yogic science, silence is the medium to communicate with both the living or non-living beings without confining only to a human being. Through silence, we can easily feel others and can able to touch the deeper layers of the other’s existence. A true feeling of oneness happens through silence. Through silence, we can explore and find a new way of relating which does not even belong to the physical realm. In silence, it is easy to experience the joy of communion between two persons where both the hearts start beating in the same rhythm and level.

Silence is considered the common language of this Universe. Hence, observance of silence during intensive higher yogic practices is being considered as a key tool since ancient yogic traditions to modern time. This silence period helps quieten the mind easily and allows us to experience the depth of inner stillness and equanimity. These silence days also contribute a lot to deepen the transformation at the subtle layers and to intensify the inner journey. During each training module, the students of our 500 hours meditation teacher training will get the opportunity to experience the importance of silence for the inner journey. This silence period will be of 05 days in training module 1 and 07 days in training module 2.

Who can join Advanced Meditation Teacher Training India:

  • Students who have already completed meditation teacher training course or yoga teacher training course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh.
  • Students who have completed meditation course elsewhere and having strong desire to explore deeper dimensions of meditation, yoga nidra and spiritual growth. They can join only after personal interview with lead meditation teacher Anand Bodhi Sattva.


Yoga Essence Rishikesh is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) and Accredited with Yoga Alliance USA. Bodhi Sattva, the lead teacher is a Continuous Education Provider of Yoga Alliance USA (YACEP). After the successful completion of the training assignments and tests, the students of advanced 300 hours meditation teacher training course module 1 & module 2 will be awarded with the training certifications. Our certifications are internationally recognised for the teaching of meditation, yoga nidra and the science of consciousness.

Daily Schedule of Advanced 500 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

06:00 amHerbal Detox Tea
06:30 am Asana & Pranayama Practice
07:30 amActive Advanced Meditation Practice/ Mudra, Bandha, Kriya Practice
08:45 amBreakfast
10:00 amAdvanced Mindfulness Meditation/ Yoga Nidra Practice (Guided by Students)
11:00 amDeeper Science & Mechanism of Meditation & Yoga Nidra
12:15 pmAdvanced Meditation Practices/ Teaching Practicum
01:15 pmLunch & Rest
02:45 pmSelf Study
03:45 pmAdvanced Meditation Practice (Vigyan Bhairav Tantra/ Osho/ Sufi)
05:00 pmHerbal Tea
05:30 pmSatsang Meditation with Swamiji/ Advanced Yoga Nidra (Guided by Swamiji)
07:00 pmDinner
08:00 pm Q&A Session/Inner Journey Guidance/ Teaching Practicum
09:30 pmLights Off & Rest

Please Note: – The daily schedule is subject to change



A. The “presence of mind” is known as Mindfulness. It is a practice of being mindful to our physical, psychological and emotional realms and their activities in a non-reactive, non-judgemental way to find the balance and a deeper tuning with our body, mind, emotions. It is also a process of being available to our “Here and Now” state for opening up to our true potentials of life and their actualization. Generally, the mind consists of the past, future, memory, and imagination and it is constantly moving between these. The mind never stays in the now, it does not know of the present, it loses its existence and experience of the present moment. It always stays occupied with thoughts of the past or future, it never remains unoccupied or at the present moment, which can lead us to a tremendous creative intelligence and fill us with unconditional joy.

A. Mindfulness is a way to experience the state of meditation. Mindfulness is a practical tool used on the path of meditation for Self-realization. Mindfulness is a doorway to deepen the relaxation and integration of body-mind-heart to experience the oneness with the whole existence. In simple language, mindfulness is the means to meditation and meditation is the result of mindfulness.

A. No, Mindfulness and Awareness are not the same, they carry different concepts, mechanisms, and senses in the field of meditation. The term mindfulness is used by Gautam Buddha as Samyak Smriti (Right Mindfulness) for noticing the activities of the body, mind, and heart in a relaxed, non-judgemental way for meditation. Mindfulness holds both the subjective and objective aspects of knowing or noticing but the state of Awareness is completely free from the subjective and objective phenomenon and holds a pure state of knowing or noticing. Mindfulness is a method or a technique toward Awareness. The practice of mindfulness leads the practitioner to experience a state of Awareness.

A. Mindfulness can be practiced at 4 layers of our existence. i.e., the body, the breath, the thoughts, and the emotions. For a beginner, the mindfulness of the body, its positions, its movements and sensations, the breath, its state, and movement are of tremendous help to practice mindfulness and experience the state of balance and integration in life.

For example, while we are walking, we can become mindful of each step, the touching of feet on the pathway, the movements of legs, movements of arms, the surrounding sounds, the breeze touching the body, the sun rays touching our skin, the breath movement, etc. in a non-tense, relaxed and non-judgemental way. Similarly, when we are practicing mindfulness of our breath; we stay with the breath, we watch the incoming and the outgoing breath, the sensation of the breath, the movement of the breath and the rhythm of the breath in an effortless and non-tense way.

Once, one is firmly established in the mindfulness practice of body and breath, one can move further to the next 2 subtler levels of mindfulness practice. i.e., the mindfulness of thoughts and emotions. As we advance in the practice, we can expand mindfulness to our daily life activities.

Mindfulness is not something separate from us, it is not a concentration practice, it is all-inclusive. So, it is attending to ourselves at different levels and states in a non-reactive way.

A. Anyone can become a meditation teacher when they have the sincerity and dedication to learn, experience, and grow into this inner dimension of consciousness along with a deep longing to share the art of meditation with others. To become a meditation teacher, one does not need any specific educational qualification as the teaching of meditation is based on one’s experience and integrity.

A meditation teacher needs to have sound theoretical, practical and experiential clarity on the science and mechanism of meditation and meditation techniques. For that one needs to learn, practice and experience various forms of meditation practices under the guidance and presence of an experienced meditation teacher or master for a comfortable period through residential meditation teacher training programs followed by regular self-practice and experiential learning.

These days, many online meditation programs offer meditation training which can just be the beginning of learning meditation. But to gain the right perspective and understanding of the spirit of meditation, one has to join the meditation training course through a group energy set-up which is led by a meditation master in a sattvic environment. Moreover, an internationally accredited certified meditation training course is more helpful to get a better opportunity to teach and share the science of meditation.

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