A Powerful Breath Awareness Practice for Concentration & Meditation

Anapana Sati is a simple yet incredibly beneficial mindfulness meditation practice based on breath awareness. This method has been developed by Gautam Buddha as an important tool for concentration and meditation. In the ancient Indian language, Pali, the word “ānāpāna” refers to the incoming and outgoing breath and “Sati” means mindfulness. Hence, “Anapana Sati” means ‘Mindfulness of the Incoming and Outgoing Breath.’ This practice is one of the most powerful methods for creating an inner sun of awareness. This method allows the awareness to penetrate into the very cells of the body and the mind. 

What makes this method so powerful? 

Breathing is a link between our voluntary and our involuntary systems. We can control our breathing to a certain extent, we can even stop our breathing for a while, but we cannot stop it permanently. Normally our breathing process happens unconsciously. The practice of Anapana Sati is a great way to change our unconscious pattern of breathing into conscious breathing. With this awareness, we can establish ourselves in a higher state of consciousness and move into higher truth of life.

Benefits of this Practice:

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Relax and calm down the body, mind, and emotions.

Bring a deep sense of peace and well-being into life.

Brings quick concentration of the mind and easily leads towards meditation.

Experience a higher state of consciousness.

The Technique

¬ Sit in a comfortable posture, softly gazing ahead.

¬ Gently straighten your back, neck, and head.

¬ Relax your shoulders.

¬ Softly close your eyes, release any tension around your eyes and facial muscles.

¬ Scan your whole body, check any tension in any part of the body. Adjust your body accordingly to release the tension and let your whole body relax.

¬ Take a long and deep breath, while exhaling feel deep relaxation through your whole body.

¬ Take another breath and exhale slowly and smoothly.

¬ Be aware of your breathing pattern.

¬ Begin smooth and deep inhalation and exhalation with awareness and alertness. Repeat for 10 rounds.

Suggestions in between the 10 rounds.

¬ Do it in a smooth and relaxed way.

¬ Avoid any forceful and jerky inhalation and exhalation.

¬ Be aware and alert throughout the process.

Application in Daily Life.

This  Annapana Sati meditation is normally done while sitting in a comfortable position for 10-45 min. But one can also do it at any time and in any position during their day-to-day activities.

For example:

·        While walking or during any body movement activity.

·        While sitting in a car, bus, train or airplane.

·        While waiting for somebody or waiting in a queue.

·        While lying down and relaxing.

·        During any availability of free time.

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