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Yogic Importance of Silent Meditation Retreat

YOGIC IMPORTANCE OF SILENCE & SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT: A Universal Practice Experiencing Inner Silence & Pure Presence  Silence: The Heartbeat of the Universe Since ancient times, almost all the yogic traditions give high value to silence practice for the inner journey. Yogis say silence is a truly common language of communication between living or non-living...

kirtan yoga


KIRTAN YOGA | KIRTAN MEDITATION A Simple &Joyful Meditation Practice to Expand the Energy of Heart Center Kirtan is a tradition that originates in Indian religions, notably Vaishnavism and Sikhism. The chanting is carried out alongside instruments, such as harmonium, table,cymbals, or drums.Kirtan meditation is an ancient yogic practice of the path of Devotion popularly...

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra


VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA: An Encyclopaedia of Meditation Techniques & Practical Guide to Meditation Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is considered as the most ancient yogic text on meditation techniques given by Adiyogi Shiva. This yogic text contains 112 meditation practices which is the outcome of answers to the various questions asked by the Hindu goddess Devi Parvati...

7 Chakras For Beginners

CHAKRA MEDITATION: Meditation Practices on Psycho-Spiritual Energy Centers

CHAKRA MEDITATION: Meditation Practices on Psycho-Spiritual Energy Centers Chakras are the psycho-spiritual energy centers considered as the vehicle to experience the subtle bodies of human consciousness. These are the major energy centers or energy pools  of the Pranamaya Kosha (the energy body) carrying higher qualities of human life. They hold distinct spiritual qualities and values...

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Ujjayi Pranayama: The Victorious Breathing Practice

Ujjayi Pranayama: The Victorious Breathing Practice Ujjayi Pranayama is one of the easiest and has the fewest restrictions, out of 8 main popular pranayama practices. It is a great preparatory practice to apply at the beginning of any asana or other advanced pranayama practices. The practice of Ujjayi pranayama is so simple that it can...



ANAPANASATI MEDITATION A Powerful Breath Awareness Practice for Concentration & Meditation Anapana Sati is a simple yet incredibly beneficial mindfulness meditation practice based on breath awareness. This method has been developed by Gautam Buddha as an important tool for concentration and meditation. In the ancient Indian language, Pali, the word “ānāpāna” refers to the incoming and outgoing...

Pranayama practice

The Importance of Pranayama in Yogic Practices

The Importance of Pranayama in Yogic Practices “Tatah Kshiyate Prakasha Avaranam”- Patanjali “Breathing practices bring true understanding and knowledge into life by destroying all the impurities of mind.” – Patanjali Breathing is the very first and very last act of life. The act of breathing is so simple, so obvious that we normally take it for...

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