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7-Fold Approaches and Step-By-Step Practical Guide By Bodhi Sattva to Transform, Heal & Balance Your Body-Mind-Emotions for a Healthy Holistic Harmonious Living


  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Body-Mind Balancing
  • Healing & Chronic Cure
  • Restoring & Revitalizing
  • Transformation
  • Inner Wellbeing
  • Joyful Living &
  • Awakening
  • Energy Awakening
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Ayurvedic Sattvic Diet

A Step-By-Step Practical Guide to Transform, Heal &
Balance the Body-Mind-Emotions for a Healthy
Holistic Mindful Living

Welcome to Yoga Essence to explore and experience the art of transformation, emotional wellness, inner wellbeing, and awakening with lead meditation mindfulness yoga nidra teacher Bodhi Sattva Ji. 

Nowadays, the level of stress, tension, and anxiety among people has increased by a high percentage as compared to previous years. More people are emotionally imbalanced, psychologically confused and unfulfilled in most areas of life, especially in terms of their work and relationships. The state of our emotional wellness and inner well-being can be understood as:

How do we feel about ourselves and others?

How do we handle challenging life situations?

How do we relate to our surroundings? 

How sincerely do we take the initiative to transform our negative emotions and attitudes for a peaceful and harmonious living?

Seven-Fold Approaches for Emotional
Wellness & Inner Wellbeing

  • Yoga Nidra & Guided Relaxation Practices

    Systematic and scientific way to enhancing your relaxation, rejuvenation, sleep quality and healing of the body-mind-heart through guided relaxation and yoga nidra practices

  • Mindfulness Meditation Practices for Inner Wellbeing

    Learning practical ways to find your mental health, improving energy level, finding inner balance and peace through many active-passive energy awakening mindfulness and meditation practices

  • Special Meditation Practices for Emotional Wellness

    Learning and experiencing many Special Meditation Mindfulness Practices to deal with negative emotions, emotional imbalances, transformation of emotions for greater stability and integrity in life.

  • Laughter Yoga and Joyful Living Practices

    Exploring the healing and transforming power of laughter yoga. Experiencing the opening of your path to unconditional Joy, love and emotional wellbeing. Awakening to your authentic-Self through laughter meditation

  • Holistic Yoga and Breathing Meditation Practices

    Finding your physical, energetical, psychological, and emotional health through Holistic Yoga practices. Learning many breathing meditations, sound meditation practices for healing, wellbeing and holistic health

  • Practical Tips and Guidance for Mindful Living from Bodhi Sattva

    Getting many Practical Tips, Guidance from lead meditation mindfulness master Bodhi Sattva for mindful living, for maintaining mental health, emotional wellness, Inner Wellbeing and Awakening

  • Insights of the Masters for Transformation and Awakening

    Receiving Powerful Yogic Insights of many Masters regarding, Mental Health, Inner Wellbeing, Transformation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Art of Living, and Awakening to higher consciousness

Key Highlights of Emotional Wellness & Joyful Living

  • Understanding the roots of our emotions, their patterns and their impacts on our life and relationship
  • Understanding how our emotional patterns like fear, insecurity, guilt, and low self-esteem constantly manipulating our vital life energies & ability to manifest ourselves
  • Learning how to transform our negative emotions into creative joyful energies through different types of meditation, mindfulness, & breathing techniques
  • Finding deeper balance between our need to express our emotions, feelings with genuine intention without harming others for harmonious living
  • Learning how to respond to life′s ups and downs with greater confidence and equilibrium

Key Highlights of Inner Wellbeing & Awakening

  • Experiencing a sense of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and high-energy awakening
  • Releasing of deep-rooted stress and tensions from the body-mind-heart
  • Developing spontaneous habits to take responsibility for own healing and happiness in daily life
  • Experiencing the joy of liberated energy, transcending mind & awakening to spiritual wellbeing
  • Finding easier to be decisiveness in stressful & complex situations in life
  • Developing more clarity & wisdom to find our self-esteem, self-value & self-love
  • Increasing the ability of self-awareness, mindfulness, and one-pointedness in life

Why Emotional Wellness & Inner Wellbeing are so Important?

Being well is not just about the absence of physical disease or any form of physical ailments and disorders, rather, it is about having a good sense of psycho-emotional health, vitality, and stability. Our mental health, joy, and overall well-being in life are strongly linked to our emotional wellness, emotional intelligence, and our ability to respond to life situations in a creative, sensitive, and mindful way. The level of our Emotional Wellness determines our ability to cope with different challenges and uncertainties in life. This deeply depends on the awareness and acceptance of our emotions and feelings along with our ability to manage them and transform them effectively. By understanding their nature, roots, and challenges we can learn to cultivate higher emotional intelligence to find self-love, self-respect, meaningful relationships, happiness, and resilience.

When we talk about inner well-being, we can refer to it a deep sense of psychological wellness and healthy connection with our emotional states. It is the state of living as one organic unity with the whole universe to find a greater sense of harmony. Everybody is searching for well-being, peace, and joy, but, 

Are we searching in the right direction? 

Are we seeking the right place and dimensions? 

Do we have a true sense of how to approach it? 

The real growth of our inner well-being depends on the time that we spend on life affirmative activities like a healthy lifestyle, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, being with nature, and holding them as an integral part of our life.


OVERVIEW:15 Days Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing & Joyful Living
22 Days Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing, Joyful Living & Awakening
LEVEL:Beginner, Intermediate & Advance
COURSE DATES:Emotional Wellness Inner Wellbeing Meditation Course Date- 15 Days
10th July - 24th Jul, 2024
10th Aug - 24th Aug, 2024
20th Oct - 03rd Nov, 2024
25th Jan - 08th Feb, 2025
25th Mar - 08th Apr, 2025
10th July - 24th Jul, 2025
10th Aug - 24th Aug, 2025
Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing Meditation Course Date- 22 Days
10th July - 31st Jul, 2024
10th Aug - 31st Aug, 2024
20th Oct - 10th Nov, 2024
25th Jan - 15th Feb, 2025
25th Mar - 15th Apr, 2025
10th July - 31st Jul, 2025
10th Aug - 31st Aug, 2025
LANGUAGE:English (Basic)
ACCOMODATION:Private/Double Sharing Room
FOOD:3 Sattvic Ayurvedic Diet & Herbal Drinks ( Gluten Free, Vegan Food Available )
COURSES FESS:15 Days Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing & Joyful Living
Twin Sharing Room: Euro 1000 Euro 800
Private Single Room: Euro 1200 Euro 1000

22 Days Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing, Joyful Living & Awakening
Twin Sharing Room: Euro 1400 Euro 1150
Private Single Room: Euro 1700 Euro 1400
CERTIFICATION:Accredited Certificated Course, Yoga Alliance USA.
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* The course fee includes teaching, accommodation, food and course material.


OVERVIEW:15 Hour Online Inner Wellbeing & Awakening
30 Hour Online Inner Wellbeing & Awakening
3 Days Awakening, Inner Wellbeing & Satsang Workshop
3 Days Kundalini Kriya, Meditation & Yoga Nidra Workshop (25h)
LIVE STREAMING:Live streaming via zoom
COURSE DATES:Please Enquire
TIMING:10:30 - 13:00 Indian Time
DAYS5 Days in a Week ( Monday, Tuesday Off)
CERTIFICATION:Accredited Certificated Course, Yoga Alliance USA.
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Meditation Coures

In-person Residential Programs with Bodhi Sattva. Learning the Art of Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness with Holistic Spiritual Living

Emotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing & Awakening – Sample Daily Schedule

05:45 amHerbal Detox Tea
06:00 amEmotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing & Awakening Session 1
07:00 amEmotional Wellness, Inner Wellbeing & Awakening Session 2
09:00 amBreakfast
10:30 amEmotional Wellness & Inner Wellbeing Session 1
11:30 amEmotional Wellness & Inner Wellbeing Session 2
01:00 pmLunch
02:00 pmRest
03:30 pmEmotional Wellness & Inner Wellbeing Session 3
04:15 pmEmotional Wellness & Inner Wellbeing Session 4
05:30 pmHerbal Drinks
06:00 pmEvening Meditation, Kirtan & Celebration
07:30 pmDinner
09:30 pmLight Off & Rest

Please Note: – The daily schedule is subject to change

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