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Transformational Yoga &Meditation Teacher

Yog Sambodhi is an inspiring and compassionate meditation and yoga teacher. Her soft and gentle presence allows students to connect with their unique potentials and find inner peace. Sambodhi is passionate to help students find their healthiest selves and live a more authentic life of their own. Her teachings and practices focus on the body-mind-heart connection developed from a place of love. She embraces the feminine aspect of joy, nurturing kindness, self-love, and sensitivity. She is a life-long learner and creates an environment for students to feel supported to enhance their learning & growth.

During her life and work in the fast-paced corporate world, her turning point was found through exploring the joy of yoga and meditation journey that brought a deep self-transformation in her life and realized the importance of maintaining a balance of the body, mind, and heart. Her practices and teachings bring forth love and respect for the art of yoga and meditation so everyone can enjoy the life-long benefits of both. She uses it as a medium to release the stagnant energies to stay grounded and connected with herself. Sambodhi is dedicated to sharing this joyful journey by inspiring others to gracefully develop their body and mind awareness for nourishing life.

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