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Yoga Teacher

Anoop is a sincere, energetic teacher in the field of yoga. His energetic and calming presence in classroom inspires students and feels them at ease to open up and explore their own abilities to experience yoga. His teaching mainly focuses on how to get in touch with Body, Mind and Spirit through yoga practices. His practical & subtle synthesis of yoga anatomy and yoga philosophy with Asana practices allow his students to build true yoga practice. His ability and expertise in teaching alignment & adjustment of asanas with scientific cues endears him to his students. He is very loving and passionate to give his students a feeling and experience of Self-acceptance, Love, Peace and Oneness through teaching. Anoop strongly believes that yoga practice brings true growth in life and living peacefully.

Anoop has got natural interest towards yoga and exploration of inner world at very young age. His personal exploration to inner world started in order to know the true Self. In order to deepen his understanding and experience of ancient knowledge of yoga, its whole science and mysteries with core essence, he has received training and guidance from Paramartha Niketan Ashram and Shivananda Yoga Ashram of Rishikesh, India. He further expanded his study by completing Master Degree of Yoga in Deva Sanskrit University of Uttarakhand, India. Now days, he teaches in Yoga Teacher Training courses, Yoga Retreats in Yoga Essence Rishikesh India.

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