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Prem Samata

Holistic Yoga & Meditation Teacher
  • Holistic Yoga Instructor
  • Meditation Mindfulness Teacher
  • Certified Neuro-Dance Teacher
  • Wellness Mentor, Speaker Coach

Prem Samata is a mentor at the service of awakening consciousness, spreading the wisdom of yogic science towards the joy, love, compassion, holistic harmonious living of humanity with mother nature. As a Master in Education, Holistic Coach, Certified Meditation teacher graduated in India. Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Yoga-mindfulness instructor for kids, she has trained teams of leaders in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. She trains; mind, language, body and emotion through the path of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, ontological coaching and Neuro-dance in order to help seekers to keep a balanced and harmonious life.

Prem Samata, originally from Colombia, from an entrepreneurial family with peasant roots, always felt attracted to the mysticism of the East and spirituality, and as a girl of only 10 years old she was already beginning to explore the fields of meditation as if this It was a call from her soul. At the end of her adolescence, she faces strong emotional and existential crises that lead her to question her mission and purpose in life, so she begins to train in different healing and purification techniques, thus learning about ancient Indian practices, such as Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, in addition to dance and the discipline of coaching, through her teachers in her country of origin. Following her intuition and interest in going spiritually deeper, she traveled to India and was living there and visiting different ashrams for one year learning and reinforcing her yogic practices.

She guides seekers on her spiritual journey by combining the teachings of Yoga, meditation, Mindful Dance and Mentoring, her dance philosophy focuses on taking the dancer on an inner journey of self-discovery, purification and more subtle body awareness. Throughout these key areas, she has adopted mindfulness, relaxation, and concentration techniques to help students to grow and succeed. She is also a Reiki therapist.

She has completed her Master’s Degree in Education and has worked with some of the best schools in Colombia, creating her own teaching techniques and spreading knowledge, love and joy to children. Her innovative techniques include the practice of yoga asanas, meditation, chanting of mantras and conscious body movement to improve relaxation, concentration and confidence in children and all who want to work on her own personal development.

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