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Yogic Diet

The Yogic Diet: How to Eat like a Yogi

The Yogic Diet: How to Eat like a Yogi The practice of yoga seeks to harmonize the body, mind, and emotions so we can establish ourselves in a transcendental state of consciousness. Because our physical body is at the gross, anatomical level, the process of transcendence begins with the body. If the body is not...

misunderstandings clear the way


MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT MEDITATION What is Meditation? Clear Your Understanding Science says experiment and knows the truth, whereas meditation says experience within and know the truth. Science belongs to the realm of experiment outside, on the contrary meditation belongs to the realm of experience within. Experiencing the state of meditation means experiencing a state which is...

mantra yoga


MANTRA YOGA | MANTRA MEDITATION A journey from Sound to Inner Silence (Soundlessness) Meaning & Importance of Mantra Chanting In all spiritual traditions, Mantra Yoga or Meditation is regarded as one of the easiest and best means to experience higher energy and consciousness. Mantra meditation is powerful sound practice and mantras are the combinations of...

benefits of pranayama


BENEFITS OF PRANAYAMA Breathing is the first and last act of our life. With Breath in we become alive and with Breath out we become dead.  It is so simple and so obvious that normally we take it for granted. This is the Breathing that holds the very fabric of life and key to our...

types of yoga


TYPES OF YOGA Since ancient time to the modern age, yoga has been as pure science which observes deeply into consciousness to find out the truth of inner. The modern scientist finds out the truth of the matter by dividing and analyzing it whereas the yogi finds the truth of consciousness through union and synthesis....

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Course

Meditation – A Tool for Stress Free Living

What is Stress? Stress is a state of both physical and mental imbalance caused especially by the disturbance of the hormonal system and metabolic system. Hence each and every cells and organ are affected by stress. All our physical and mental functions are mainly controlled by two faculties; one is emotional faculty called as limbic...

100 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

What is Yoga? – a Philosophy or a Discipline

Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline which focuses on bringing harmony between body, breath, mind, heart and spirit for a holistic life. It is a science of healthy, peaceful and harmonious living with self and others. The practice of yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness. This indicates...