200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

“As a Yoga Teacher, I chose to follow the 200 hours meditation teacher training in Yoga Essence Rishikesh because I wanted to learn and experience different meditation techniques that the training offers different techniques than other schools. Not only I experienced and learned a lot different meditation practices but also it became my life changing process. I found joy and calmness in myself; it deepened my inner journey to experience who I really am? The small group of the program allowed us to become intimate with classmates and made it possible for the excellent teachers to give personal guidance. The teachers are living what they teach and now I understand more what it means to be a yogi. Now I know how I want to teach yoga in my home country with a lot of joy, singing and dancing. I truly recommend this course and school. I’m thankful that I followed it. Namaste! Mario.” – Mario Boulez, Belgium,

“I have completed the incredible Transformational 200 hours Meditation Teacher Training at Yoga Essence in Rishikesh. I feel so grateful and blessed to have found my way to this course and to have been learned from our proficient teachers Samarth and Francesca. They gave so much love, time and energy to every one of us. This course and the experience I have made with the lovely team is a life-changing gift. They have welcomed me very heartily and treated me like family.

I recommend this course to anyone who is searching for different kinds of meditation practices and along with deep self-transformation. A piece of my heart will always be here with the beautiful people and the lessons I shared and learned. Thank you so much for everything. Namaste! – Derya Sarikaya, Germany.

“The insights I got while staying and learning at Yoga Essence is life changing. After seeking around the world for a right school/Ashram/academy for development of my inner journey I am very glad I found Yoga Essence. The school’s environment is amazing, very clean, and full of positive energy. The best part is the team and the management of the school, which is always ready to help. The techniques taught at Yoga Essence are multi-dimensional and very transformational. Swami Samarth I have to say that you are an amazing teacher and the best part is what you teach, you live. Your experience and insights are enlightening and I sincerely believe that Yoga Essence will do amazing work in the coming future. I have to add that your team consisting of Joy, Prasad, and Ranjan are amazing and all these guys are full of love, peace and harmony. The 200 hours Meditation teacher training course fulfills all my expectations what I was searching for. The contents of the course are touching various aspects of the meditation techniques which are quite refreshing and it fulfills expectations of a seeker.” – Manjit Malik, Czech Republic

“I have completed my Meditation Teacher Training course which was a beautiful experience in my life. Swami Samarth is a very kind teacher he is always taking care all of us and helped with a big open heart to get have better and deeper inner journey during the course. We have learnt and practiced many traditional, classical and contemporary meditation techniques and even daily asana practices as a form of meditation with Prem Shanti who has really deep knowledge in different types of yoga. I loved this familiar peaceful environment, thanks a lot to all of the staff for making us happy and be ready to carry on this spiritual path!” – Viktoria, Hungary.

“200 hour meditation teacher training course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh has become a mile stone for the transformations that I received in my life and inner journey. For me the experience and insights I have got is like reinvention of my life and opening up a totally new dimension into my favorite field of yoga. Being a long time Hatha Yoga practitioner, having completed master degree in Yoga and also a teacher, this course helped me to explore and experience the subtle dimension of Asana, Pranayama and other higher limbs of yoga practices. Now I am finding very easy flow with backward, forward bending asanas, easy in holding balancing and inverted postures for long time and remarkable improvements in stretching asanas too. I have learnt how to keep watching myself effortlessly without even realizing it. Many meditation practices and sessions of the course are very suitable for modern lifestyle and work deeply to balance mind and emotions. I felt strong energy during the course and able to bringing more joy while following my daily routine and activities. I highly recommend my friends to experience once this course.” – Amit, India.

100 Hour Meditation Course

“I completed my 100-hour meditation teacher training with Swami Dhyan Samarth in July. My experience to say the least was life-transforming. Though I had regularly practiced meditation for many years, this course has helped open my mind to the meaning of meditation. Words alone cannot describe how wonderful Swami Dhyan Samarth really is. It was clear from the very beginning that he cares about the growth of his students. He is open minded and creative teacher, who has a deep understanding of the meditation techniques that he teaches. His answers were always thoughtful, and he has helped me regain motivation and bring meaning back into my life.

He also has a wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful team that work with him who help to make the experience great. If you are interested in both learning meditation from a genuine teacher and as well as in need of some drastic changes to your life, Yoga Essence Rishikesh is the way to go. Thank you so much for everything done for my life! Derrick” – Derrick Tint, MD, USA

“I have just completed the meditation teacher training with Swami Samarth and absolutely loved every minute of it. The atmosphere created during course allowed me to learn and experience deeper aspects of meditation. Through the process I could able see many layers of my mental and emotional issues of life and also learnt the skill how to overcome them through wide range of meditation practices. I have received many deep yogic insights on most important topics of life. This course is managing to bridge the gap between the traditional yogic mind and manner and the western modern world, in a way which honors tradition, gives deep insight and amazing practical teachings whilst maintaining the wonderful Indian charm, but also allows a western student to go home with all the tools and techniques as a teacher for a western market and much more!” – Vicky, Belgium.

“I am really grateful to have being part of 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh. I have such a very deep experience during the course and enjoyed every single moment here. Swami Samarth, you are a great teacher and your explanation, demo and your inspiration during our practice is a wonderful part of this course. I thanks and salute to you and Francesca, both are balance teachers. I like your way of teaching. During the course I learned some powerful meditation techniques which are really helpful to release your stress, strain, suppressed emotions, feelings etc. for deep relaxation and meditation. I would like to keep my practice in future. Thanks a lot to the all team for providing beautiful space.” – Chitra, India

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