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08 Days Rejuvenating & De-stressing Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India


At some point of our life everybody asks why there is no meaning in life.

Why it is so difficult to find Happiness in life. We all despair sometimes about what to do with those emotions which are so destructive in our life – the emotions that destroy our relations with others, affect our attitude and behavior and harm our physical and emotional wellbeing. Usually we repress them or dump them on someone else, both of which are very destructive or trying to replace them with positive ones which are only skin deep. However, we have no idea what transformation truly means, and how to transform them. Knowingly or unknowingly we are continuously looking for the solution of it but we don’t have any access to the main source of answers. Just imagine how it will feel to be the master of your emotional life, rather than constantly feel like the pawn of other people and situations.

This retreat teaches the secret of alchemy:

v How to find out the source of life,
v How to transform the misery and painful emotions into more creative and nourishing energies, regardless of what is happening in our life!

With absolute clarity and practical insights, each individual can transform their inner unrest into peace and harmony.

By using various yogic techniques and tools during the retreat, you will develop the skill to:

  • Increase the relaxation, rejuvenation of body-mind
  • Enhance self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Lessen stress, strain, loneliness, fear and other negative emotions
  • Better cognitive skill and creative power
  • Improve resilience against pain and adversity
  • Connect to inner wisdom and life purpose
  • Deepen Self-awareness and connection with whole Existence

In this retreat you will experience and be trained in many different meditation techniques and exercises that have been developed or recommended by Yogis, Shiva, Buddha, Osho, Gurdjieff, Sufi Mystics along with Self-growth techniques. Some of the techniques and exercises are more active, others more passive; some are done with a partner, some alone, some are as group. Some techniques use the senses – sight, sound, touch – and all will help you to connect with your inner world. This will involve consciously exploring the possibilities beyond the familiar center that you live in and function from. You will need to be open to and welcome new dimensions of life that will begin to unfold and manifest as you move within. And, all these methods are done in a light and joyful way with music so that you may dance and celebrate this transformation.


v Mindfulness
v Kundalini
v Nidra
v Vipassana
v Osho Meditations
v Self-inquiry
v Nada
v Trataka
v Mantra
v Chakra
v Hatha


Date Remarks
07th Jan – 14th Jan 2018 Open
04th Feb – 11th Feb 2018 Open
18th Feb – 25th Feb 2018 Open
04th Mar – 11th Mar 2018 Open
18th Mar – 25th Mar 2018 Open
02nd Apr – 09th April 2018 Open
16th Apr – 23rd Apr 2018 Open
02nd May – 09th May 2018 Open
16th May – 23rd May 2018 Open
03rd Jun – 10th Jun 2018 Open
17th Jun – 24th Jun 2018 Open
02nd Jul – 09th Jul 2018 Open
16th Jul – 23rd Jul 2018 Open
02nd Sep – 09th Sep 2018 Open
16th Sep – 23rd Sep 2018 Open
02nd Oct – 09th Oct 2018 Open
16th Oct – 23rd Oct 2018 Open
04th Nov – 11th Nov 2018 Open
18th Nov – 25th Nov 2018 Open
02nd Dec – 09th Dec 2018 Open
16th Dec – 23rd Dec 2018 Open


  1. Course Fee Meditaion Retreat-

v For 08 days – USD 399 (Double Sharing Room), USD 469 (Single Private Room).

NOTE:- For AC accommodation extra USD 60 . 

v Course fee (without Accommodation and Food ) – 220 USD.

  1. The Above Tuition fee for Meditation retreat course includes.

v Meditative excursion in nature and sacred places under guide of teacher
v Accommodation with attached bathroom, with hot and cold shower.
v Three daily Indian vegetarian meals throughout your entire stay.
v Meditattion Retreat Hand Books, Meditation Book,Music for Meditation and other useful materials for the course.
v Wi-Fi Internet.
v One Yoga Bag


Time Session
06:30 – 08:00am Asana and Pranayama Practice Session
09:30 – 11:15am Meditation Session-1 (Classical/Traditional Techniques)
11:40 – 01:00pm Meditation Session-2 (Active/Contemporary Techniques)
05:00 – 06:15pm Meditation Session-3 (Active/Contemporary Techniques)
06:15 – 07:00pm Yoga Nidra/ Insights of Yogis (Audio/Video/Lectures)
08:00 – 09:00pm Mantra Chanting/Kirtan/Meditation Session-4

(P.S. – The above daily course schedule may change as per need)

P. S.-

1. In case, you are alone and opting for double sharing accommodation, if we don’t find any participant who wants take sharing accommodation with you, then your double sharing course fee will turn to Single private room course fee and you will get single private room instead of double sharing room. In this type of special case we will inform you 5-7 days before starting of the course.

2. If you want to keep the same price option of double sharing room, then you can have Single Occupancy Room in an Ashram 50 meters away from our school campus.