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200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

At Yoga Essence Registered Yoga School of Yoga Alliance USA

Yoga Essence conducts residential 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Since ancient time to modern age, Yoga has been considered as a pure science and art for living in harmony and peace both within and without. Ancient yogis were considered more as scientists who studied the body, breath, mind and our consciousness through their own experience, rather than merely teachers and learning from texts. Yoga practices are especially to not only being a physical practice intended for health and fitness, but also for awakening vital energies, chakra and kundalini energy and higher consciousness. In this sense, hatha yogic practices are considered the foundation for all higher yogic practices concentration, meditation and Samadhi or enlightenment. In the beginning, the main purpose of yoga is to bring purification, suppleness, remove diseases, strength, and stability to the body which in turn helps to stabilize the mind. Then it helps to open the Energy channels (Nadis) and Psychic centers (Chakras) by restructuring the pranic flows which allows us to move towards Meditation, Samadhi and Raja Yoga.

Our 200 hours residential Yoga Teacher Training Course has been designed basically to bring life changing transformation and to take your practice to its next level, where you will gain the ability to share it. This course will give a solid ground in your journey to advance your yoga practices and to acquire firm command while teaching. This 200 hour yoga teacher training course will be an opportunity to learn and experience the higher yogic practices like meditation in a more contemporary style and scientific way, which in turn helps you to understand and experience asanas and pranayama more deeply as per true yogic science.

You will also build self-confidence and self-enquiry to find your own unique expression and style of teaching yoga to become successful yoga teacher.

The syllabus covers the practical yogic techniques and tools along with the theoretical aspect of yoga. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program has been structured to focus mainly on the learning and experiential aspect of yoga by giving almost equal importance to different Yoga practices like Asana Practices (Hatha focused with Iyengar Alignment and Ashtanga Vinyasa), Meditation (Both Classical and Contemporary Techniques), Yoga Philosophy and Psychology (Ancient wisdom with modern applied concept), Pranayama, Yoga Nidra etc.

Upon completion of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course gives you the designation of RYT-200 and also the eligibility to enroll in 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. After completion of 300 Hour YTTC you will be designated as RYT-500. 200 hour teacher training course will be fruitful for all the levels of yoga learners such as beginners, intermediate students, and advanced practitioners

For 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh with Yoga Essence  and to know the Dates, Fees and other details of the Course, please click on the below link…

Yoga Teacher Training Course



200Hour Date Remarks
02nd Jul – 26th Jul 2018 Open
02nd Sep – 26th Sep 2018 Open
02nd Oct – 26th Oct 2018 Open
02nd Nov – 26th Nov 2018 Open
02nd Dec – 26th Dec 2018 Open
02nd Jan – 26th Jan 2019 Open
02nd Feb – 26th Feb 2019 Open
02nd Mar – 26th Mar 2019 Open
02nd Apr – 26th Apr 2019 Open
02nd May – 26th May 2019 Open
02nd Jun – 26th Jun 2019 Open