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Yogi Prasad Ji

Pranayama Teacher

Yogi Prasad is a calm, joyful, and experienced teacher of Pranayama and meditation. He teaches from his heart and gives emphasis to the application aspects of yogic practice into daily life. Prasad encourages students to be open to all aspects of yoga. His relaxed style of teaching is soothing and uplifting. He takes good care to provide a welcoming and light-hearted environment in his classes where students can feel comfortable in learning. He is very passionate to share his experiences and practices with the students.

He started his yoga and meditation journey in 1996. He attended many meditation and yoga camps, workshops in different parts of India, and spending some time in different ashrams with spiritual persons. Till 2016, his practice of yoga and meditation was on and off. Since 2017, he got regularization of yogic practices by joining at Yoga Essence as course coordinator and assistant teacher. Initially, he was assisting Swamiji in meditation and pranayama classes and received many deeper experiences and insights on the practices. His regular practice of meditation, pranayama accelerated his personal growth and transformation that led to developing a sense of calmness, contentment, lightness of spirit, and intuition. The influence of Patanjali Yoga Sutras helped him to find a personal intimate tuning with the practices combining asana, pranayama, and meditation at a row.

His personal experience says “Regular yogic practice brings powerful changes to the mind and heart by radiating a deep sense of peace and calmness that leaves no room for anxiety and negativity.”

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