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Meditation Teacher

Swami Ranjan is a seeker, healer and an artist. Born in a family of seeker near a place where Buddha was Enlightened. In this atmosphere, the seeds of the truth were  already sown. After the initial phase of academic pursuits, he stepped out in a quest to the real question of life on truth. This led him to travel  throughout the country, and getting connected to various school of thoughts and spiritual practices.

In 1994 stumbled upon contemporary meditation practices which has completely changed whole perspective of looking at life and helped him to get more clarity in inner quest which culminate into initiation as a Sannyasin. After that, he inclined towards the alternative healing process and welfare of the mankind. Now a days, he stays at Yoga Essence share his meditative presence and vibes with the students of every group. He is very glad being part of Yoga Essence by sharing his love & wisdom with all.

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