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Online Meditation Classes From Yoga Essence Ashram

Join our online meditation classes to experience the power and effects of meditation, mindfulness, & yoga nidra with Swami Dhyan Samarth, the founder & lead meditation teacher of Yoga Essence Rishikesh, India.

Specially designed to enhance your energy and restore your vitality while shifting you towards a more positive, joyful, and fulfilled life. This 2 hour-long experiential online meditation classes will also give you a powerful boost in immunity by maintaining a psychological and emotional balanced state. These classes will cover many guided mindfulness meditation practices focusing on breath, mantras, chakras, kundalini, affirmation, visualization, and yoga nidra session for energy awakening, stress releasing and deep relaxation while keeping the alignment of the body, mind, heart, especially during these difficult times.

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OVERVIEW:Online Meditation Classes
LIVE STREAMING:Live Meditation Sessions via Zoom
COURSE DATES:07th Sep - 23rd Sep 2020
05th Oct - 21st Oct 2020
02nd Nov - 18th Nov 2020
07th Dec - 23rd Dec 2020
OFF DAYSaturday
TIME16:00 to 18:30 IST (Indian Standard Time)
PRICE:For 7 Classes € 90 Euro
For 15 Classes € 170 Euro

Only For August

DAYS:03 Days in a Week: -
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
TIME :10:30 to 12:30 IST (Indian Standard Time)
PRICE:Fees for 1 weeks (03 Classes) : € 30 Euro

Highlights of Online Meditation Classes:-

  • To Release stress and tensions of body-mind-heart.
  • To Experience a sense of great relaxation & rejuvenation
  • To Find the balance& integrity of body-mind-heart
  • To Stay Positive and Creative in Life
  • To Feel expansion beyond the body mind and buoyant of energy
  • To Experience being fully present & effortless mindfulness
  • To Feel a real sense of me and authentic self.
  • To Experience a deep sense of harmony and oneness within and without

Class Overview:-
Mindfulness Meditation Online Classes

Living in a healthy, centered and balanced state of body and mind is very essential in this fast pace and highly competitive technological modern world added with a many forms of global health crisis. Our everyday life situation demands a lot of vigilance to the present moment and needs our response with great sincerity. Meditation and mindfulness practices are the key tools to stay in the present moment and integrated.

Meditation helps us to face the various challenges and fears of life in an intelligent way by focusing our whole life energy to the present moment without being carried away by either the past happenings or lost in the future planning. It is a scientifically proven fact that meditation and mindfulness practices help in restoring the psychological and emotional balance and to attain holistic health.

Our online meditation classes are specifically designed to learn, experience and practice meditation and mindfulness while staying at home. Through a (series) of guided meditation practices and yoga nidra, one can experience a deep sense of relaxation, harmony and oneness within. Each meditation session consists of active and passive form of practices including a 20-25 minutes of guided relaxation and yoga nidra session. Each online meditation will help you to enhance the balance of body-mind-heart for a truly experiential and transformation experience.

Online Meditation Class Certification

One can get the opportunity to receive the certification by joining our 12 or more online meditation classes. Yoga Essence Rishikesh will issue an hour based Online meditation Program Certification to those who will complete 12 or more online meditation classes. For example, who will complete our 12 classes will eligible to receive 25 hours online meditation program certification.   

Swami Dhyan Samarth