• Transform Your Body-Breath-Mind-Emotion and Your Life

  • 15

  • Enhance your yoga practice & teaching skills to next level

  • Experience true Essence of Yoga and Meaning in Life

  • Experience the yogic energy field of Rishikesh India

  • Become Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher

… By joining certified 200h Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course India at Yoga Essence Rishikesh.


  • An intensive and life changing yoga teacher training course completely focused on holistic and transformational aspect of life.
  • 15 hours Yoga Nidra sessions to deepen healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation.
  • Special classes on yoga therapy and stress management.
  • Many traditional and contemporary meditation practices to balance body mind heart and to experience meditation deeply.
  • Special active and passive meditation practices on Chakras, Kundalini to awaken experience and expand energy body.
  • Silence days during the course to intensify transformation and experience of higher yogic practices.
  • Meditative excursions and meditation on mountain, nature, sacred places under the instruction and guidance of the teacher.
  •  Audio visual presentation of deeper insights on complex life issues by modern Yogis to bring more clarity in our modern life style.
  • Additional 50 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Course with 200 Hour Yoga TTC

Overview of 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

Yoga Essence Rishikesh (Registered with Yoga Alliance, USA) welcomes all the aspiring yoga teachers, practitioners and seekers for 200 hour holistic yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India.

200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training certification at Yoga Essence Rishikesh is one of the most comprehensive, experiential and transformational yoga teacher training course in the world. Through our practical curriculum and scientific teaching, we create solid foundation for teaching yoga skillfully and effectively. Our teachings deeply embrace the holistic approach to the path of yoga by combining the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga with contemporary understandings and modern life style.

This 200 hour holistic yoga teacher training course has been developed and designed in such a way that it cares the complete growth and transformation of participants and lay down foundation stone in their journey to advance in Yoga practice and teaching to its next level.

The Holistic yoga teacher training covers all aspects of Human Existence i.e. Body-Breath-Mind-Heart-Soul. It is imparted through numerous yogic practices like asana, pranayama, traditional and contemporary meditation practices, Yoga Nidra, Applied yoga philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Therapy, Mantra chanting, Yogic cleansing processes (Shatkarma), Self-development techniques etc. in a truly yogic environment by highly trained faculties.

Holistic yoga teacher training course is a unique opportunity to experience and getting equipped to share the holistic approach of life in respect of health, happiness, harmony, peace etc. This teacher training course also helps to become holistic life coach in true sense. Upon graduation, our Yoga Alliance certified RYT 200 Hour Holistic yoga teacher training qualifies you to teach in both over the world.

Yoga Teachers of Yoga Essence Rishikesh possess deep experience, knowledge and understanding, and their passion for teaching yoga means that they truly teach from their hearts. Together students and teachers create a sacred environment for learning and transformation. It creates a community atmosphere of like-minded individuals from around the world that support each another in living and experiencing holistic life and materializing their potential to the fullest.

Double Certifications - 250 Hours

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification Plus

50 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Certification

As our 200h holistic yoga teacher training course is both hatha yoga and meditation focused, hence our students will receive special training on many meditation practices during 200 Hours Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course. After completion of the course you will receive two certifications of Yoga Alliance. One certification is of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and another certification is of 50 hours Meditation teacher training so that you can able to teach both Yoga and meditation all over the world.

Styles of 200 Hours Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Nada Yoga

  • Mantra Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Kundalini Meditation

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Osho Active Meditation

Who can join this Holistic Yoga Training Course?

Our 200 hour holistic yoga training course is open to students of all yoga levels with the commitment towards personal inner journey and self-discovery. Hence

    • Students with the desire to become yoga teachers and wish to get internationally recognized RYT-200 Yoga Teaching qualification
    • Students who do not wish to become yoga teachers but have sincere longing to experience, transform and deepen their understanding of life and Yoga.

Meditation Practices on “Chakras & Kundalini” during the yoga training course

Kundalini, Chakras and Nadis are the prime and most essential components of the Energy Body (Pranamaya Kosha).  For higher yogic practices the study of energy anatomy and their effect on physical, mental, and spiritual levels are needed to understand and experience the chakra system, Kundalini and Nadis. This Holistic Yoga Teacher Training course includes many meditation practices on chakra and kundalini to balance, unblock, re-align and activate them. These meditation techniques based on sound, breathing, guided instructions, visualization and mantras that intensify the awareness and awakening of the different chakras and kundalini.

"Silent days during 200 hours holistic yoga teacher training course"

In the middle of the yoga teacher training course the students will undergo into a 3 days of silence to intensify the experiential and transformational aspect of the higher yoga. The silent days are for personal growth and self-transformation but it is not mandatory.

Meditative Excursion, Meditation in Sacred Place

During holistic yoga teacher training course, the participants will get the opportunity to visit and meditate in nearby sacred Place, on the bank of river Ganga, Cave, Mountain, and Nature to experience the true yogic energy field & vibration of Rishikesh under the instructions and guidance of the teacher.


Yoga Philosophy lays the basic foundation of all Yoga practices. It is one of the important subjects and contains the core principles of various practices of holistic yoga teacher training course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh. It helps the students to understand the true essence of yoga and provides a guide map in their journey into the field of yoga. Hence those who are aspiring to become a yoga teacher must understand the roots of yoga practices first that lies in yoga philosophy. It incudes


  • Introduction, Concept, Meaning & Definition of Yoga
  • The History and Origin of Yoga
  • Shad-Darshan- Six-Philosophies of India, Sankhya and Yoga Philosophy
  • Panchkosha and Purusharthas
  • Conceptual Understanding of Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  • Concept & Practice of Eight-Fold Path.
  • Important Hathayoga Texts & their Salient features
  • Pre-requisites of Yoga Sadhaka.
  • Ethical guidelines of Yoga Teacher.


Asanas are special patterns of postures that stabilize the mind and the body which prepares the participants for the higher practices of yoga. Students will gain extensive experience and knowledge of asana and will increase their strength, flexibility, stability and discipline. It includes 



  • Suksma Vyayam – Warm Up and Joint Rotation
  • Pavanmuktasana series 1
  • Pavanmuktasana series 2
  • Pavanmuktasana series 3
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Shavasana
  • Makarasana- Crocodile Variations
  • Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose with Variations
  • Shalabhasana
  • Setubandhasana- Bridge Pose
  • Ardha Halasana – Half Plough Pose
  • Saral Matsyasana – Simple Fish Pose
  • Ardha Chandrasana- Half Moon Pose
  • Marjarasana – Cat Pose
  • Vajrasana –thunderbolt
  • Balasana – Child Pose
  • Shashankasana
  • Tadasana – Palm Tree Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Uttkatasana – Chair Pose
  • Triyak Tadasana – Swaying Palm Tree Pose
  • Trikonasana – Triangle Pose
  • Janushirsasana- Seated Head To Knee
  • Vakrasana- Spinal Twist Pose
  • Padahastasana       Hand to Feet Pose
  • Ushtrasana- Camel Pose
  • Yoga Mudra
  • Simhasana- Lion Pose
  • Chandra Namaskar
  • Naukasana – Boat Pose
  • Chakrasana – Wheel Pose
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Purvottanasana
  • Halasana – Plough Pose
  • Karnapidasana
  • Matsyasana – Fish Pose (in Lotus pose)
  • Dhanurasana
  • Kati Chakrasana – Waist Rotating Pose
  • Sarvangasana
  • Viparita Karni
  • Virbhadrasana – Warrior Pose – 1,2,3
  • Vriksasana – Tree Pose
  • Parvatasana – Mountain Pose
  • Adhomukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog
  • Urdhvamukha Svanasana –Upward Facing Dog
  • Gomukhasana
  • Garudasana – Eagle Pose
  • Baddha Konasana- Bound Angle Pose
  • Rajkapoot Asana – Pegion Pose
  • Supta Virasana- Reclining Hero Pose
  • Virasana –Hero Pose
  • Shirsasana – Headstand Pose


Pranayama- yogic breath regulation practices have got very prominent place in hatha yoga. It purifies the body-mind and prepares solid foundation for higher yoga practices like Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi. These practices bring control over the respiratory impulses which form one of the channels of the flow of autonomic nerve impulses. Pranayama sessions are being conducted very systematically and scientifically to develop a holistic and comprehensive awakening to this potential form of consciousness and upward movement of energy.

Week 1

Introduction of Pranayama, Benefits of pranayama, General guidelines

Fundamental Yogic Breathing Practices

Abdominal Breathing

Thoracic Breathing

Clavicular Breathing

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Nadi Shodhana- Alternative Nostril Breathing

Ujjayi Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama

Surya Bhedana Pranayama

Chandra Bhedana Pranayama

Sheetali & Sheetkari Pranayama

Mudras – Yogic Gestures

The practice of Mudra the gestures is an ancient facet of yoga. Performing gestures affects our energy flow of the body and channelize that energy for higher consciousness.

Jnana mudra

Chin mudra

Yoni mudra

Bhairava mudra

Shambhavi mudra

Khechari Mudra

Bandhas – Energy Lock

Bandhas are specially used in Pranayama and advanced asana practices to activate Kundalini, Chakras and to give upward direction to the energy through major Nadis- the energy channels.

Uddiyana Bandha

Jalandhar Bandha

Moola Bandha

Maha Bandha

Yoga says the first manifestation of unmanifest Existence is Sound often referred to as Space or Silence. It is said that sound is the very heart beat of the Universe. Hence it is very easy to experience the silence and space through mantras. Mantras activate many dormant energy centers in our body and brain so that the energy can be used to move into higher yogic practices. Each mantra is special and rich with spiritual energy.

Universal Prayer Mantra

Class Beginning Prayer Mantra

OM Jap – OM Recitation

Gayatri Mantra

Trayambakam or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum

Maha Mantra

Yoga is the science of union of Body, Mind and Spirit. Meditation is considered to be the most supreme phenomenon as far as the union with reality is concerned. This meditative awareness, attention or observation becomes the central thread or core practice of all eight limbs of yoga. This is the practice involving control of the mental functions which start from the initial withdrawal of the senses from external objects and internalize the awareness to the subtle realm of our existence. Meditation is one of key practices and specialization of Yoga Essence Rishikesh. Yoga Essence Rishikesh teaches numerous meditation and mindfulness practices from different traditions, paths and schools during holistic yoga teacher training course. The major styles are follows

Hatha Yoga

Nada Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Nidra Yoga


Osho Meditation


Chakra & Kundalini Meditations

The whole science of yoga has been developed to transform our unconscious pattern of our life into conscious pattern and get rid of conditioning and traumas that make our life miserable. Yoga Nidra is one of the higher yogic practices that starts with relaxation to release deep rooted stress, strain of body-mind, brings out a deep sense of rejuvenation, induce healing at physical, mental and emotional level. It is a guided meditation practice that allows experiencing meditation and state of expanding consciousness. Yoga Nidra is also one of specialized practice of Yoga essence Rishikesh. In this Holistic Yoga teacher training course you will experience around 15 hours of yoga nidra.

Contemporary knowledge and understanding of human organism along with the ancient Yogic Wisdom help greatly to the students to do the yoga practices on scientific basis and as per yogic principles. Yoga anatomy classes allow the students to gain a basic knowledge about the human body, its most important systems and their role in Yoga. It includes

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Yoga in view of Anatomy and Physiology

Major Systems of Human Body and their role in Yoga.

Applied Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Injuries: Injuries due to faulty Yogic practices.

Yoga as a Therapy

Yoga and Stress Management

Certain skill and good teaching methodology can change the whole teaching in a class room situation.  Teaching methodology for yoga practices is an important subject of Yoga teacher training program. Students should have a firm grasp of the principles, practices, and procedures involved in teaching classes. Upon successful graduation, students will learn the necessary procedures and techniques involved in teaching a class. There is a “stepping stone” process for learning how to teach. It includes.

Principles and Procedures of Teaching in Classroom

Art of Demonstrations, Assistance and Correction

Creative Sequential of Yoga Practices.

Incorporating Yoga Philosophy into a Physical Flow.

Structuring the Classes Uniquely & Lesson Plan.

Daily Schedule of HOLISTIC YOGA TTC (200h/100h)

Please Note: - The daily schedule is subject to change

Course Dates - 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training India at Yoga Essence Rishikesh

Above Course Fee includes the charges of the followings:

1) Accommodation in a Double sharing AC

2) 3 Yogic and Sattvic Meals and Tea

3) Tuition Fee of the Course

4) Course Manual, books and other study materials


All aspirants are advised to carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before forwarding the application for the yoga teacher training course. Advance deposit money to reserve the spot of the course is non-refundable. However, in case of emergencies and other unavoidable exigencies the Yoga Essence Rishikesh at its discretion permits students to go for any other scheduled course within 6 months. We therefore recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the teacher training program.

Yoga Essence Rishikesh is an affiliated school of Yoga Alliance, USA and also Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). At the end of the training, you will get completion certificate of 100h, 200hHours Yoga Teacher Training. This course will impart the experience and understanding on different yoga practices to such extent that you will able to teach confidently and professionally. This course allows you to become registered with Yoga Alliance – the world’s most renowned yoga certifying authority with RYT-200 Level.

Yoga Essence Rishikesh supports its graduated students on their teaching journey. We assure you that you will leave us with deeper joy, peace, understanding and inner richness of life.

Evaluation and Certification


  • Assessments for certification will be based on practical, written and oral evaluation.
  • Student’s behavior and conducts will be a part of the certification assessment.
  • Written exam and evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance.


To build a true foundation of Yoga and to get maximum result from various yoga practices, Yama- the Social code of conducts, Niyama- Personal code of conducts are integral parts of learning. We expect the following Code of conducts to be maintained by the students during holistic yoga teacher training course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh.


  • Discipline is an integral part of the holistic yoga teacher training course and so the course routine must be observed by the students throughout the day.
  • Disrespect to rules and regulations could result in termination of studentship with no refund of course fee.
  • Absenting yourself from the scheduled program without prior permission of the teacher or manager concerned would be construed as a gross breach of discipline.
  • Ensure you are on time for class or you will not be permitted to enter any class once it has commenced.
  • The Yoga Essence does not make arrangements for guests of students. No friends or relatives are allowed to stay with yoga students without prior permission from the management.
  • Positive, team-oriented, optimistic attitude is a requirement for all students. Disruptive, rude, or negative behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the course.
  •  A student must intimate in advance if they intend to forgo a meal so that there is no wastage of food.
  • Before departure of Yoga Essence students must clear all dues and return all library books, if taken.
  • Smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted during the training. Students who cannot comply with this rule will be asked to leave with no refund of course fee.


We acknowledge the sensitive nature of the student-teacher relationship and recognize that ethical behavior is the foundation of all good yoga practice and yoga teacher training. We believe that it is the responsibility of the yoga teachers to ensure a safe and protected environment in which a student can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Code of Ethics

As Teachers of the Yoga Teacher Training Programs at Yoga Essence Rishikesh we agree to uphold the highest professional standards as set forth in the following Code of Ethics.


  • We welcome all students with respect and friendliness and do not discriminate against or refuse professional help to anyone on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.
  • We make only realistic statements regarding the benefits of yoga, make responsible decisions to determine if and when we can assist a student, and use our yogic knowledge and skills only for their benefit.
  • We establish and maintain professional relationship boundaries at all times.
  • We understand that all forms of sexual behavior or harassment with students is unethical, and use only appropriate methods of touch when assisting students.
  • We conduct our public and private affairs with honesty in all financial, material, emotional and spiritual interactions.
  • We respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students, and treat all communications from students with professional confidence.


Words from Heart

“The journey during my 200 hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yoga Essence was wonderful and life changing event that fostered great relationships and learning! I loved everything about this course and I am still feeling the ripple effect of the transformation in my life. The amazing combination of theory and practical classes, the way they are conducted have turned my whole period of stay and learning into joyful and peaceful. In this course, I received teachings and practical experience in many areas of Yoga like Asanas, Pranayama, traditional and contemporary Meditation practices, Yoga Nidra Practice, Mantras and many deep insights of yogic life & the true spirit of Yoga. My teachers were extremely knowledgeable, loving, and supportive. They’re extremely dedicated and passionate about yoga and appreciated their attention to details. I learnt more than I thought possible and really grateful to whole team of Yoga Essence for sharing so much.” – Jasmin, India.

“I have completed my 200 hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Essence at Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world. It was a great experience. Yoga Essence introduced me to the Spiritual journey and Yogic way of living. The course covered all aspects of Yoga including theory and practice. Instructor Joy has a deep and thorough knowledge of Yoga. I enjoyed a lot practical and life oriented teaching of Swami Samarth on Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Applied Yoga Philosophy that gave insights how to implement them in our everyday life. During the course, I also made friends with like-minded people from around the world, who were on the same journey. I would recommend anyone to take this journey with Yoga Essence for personal enrichment and inner peace.” – Ariana, Italy.

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